Tips, Tricks and Tools To Help You Be a More Positive Parent 

The Positive Parenting Manual

Do you find yourself yelling all the time?

Do you find that your kids are not listening to you? 

Did you picture your parenting journey differently - more peaceful, perhaps? 

 Are your days filled with kids who don't clean up after themselves? Have you thought about how you will have the big talks with your kids? 

The Positive Parenting Manual will help you take the steps to move your parenting in a positive direction. 

This is for you if....

You are a mom who is at her wits end with kids who don't listen

You are a mom who is wanting to yell and say no less 

You are looking for more direction on how to help your kids 

Get this ebook now and get your step-by-step guide to a more positive parenting journey! 

The Positive Parenting Manual

Hi there! I'm Sarah, blogger behind The Designer Mama!

I am a mom to two fun-loving, energetic little girls!

The Positive Parenting Manual came about simply because I am passionate about connecting with others out there who need support and a friend on their parenting journey. I believe that all moms should have someone that they can lean on and turn to for advice when things get tough or when they have a question about their child’s behavior.

My mission is to help bring peace, laughter and love into your family. To teach you how to give yourself grace, realize you are only human and to keep moving forward. To help you feel in control of the future of your family, be optimistic and have fun! Everything that you will learn are things that I have done with great success and continue to do with my own family.

I am a Parent Coach who focuses on the heart of a child, and not on statistics of what “should be” happening at any given stage.

I can’t wait to help you on your parenting journey!

"Sarah is the real deal. I’ve been struggling with my son’s tantrums and meltdowns for over a year. Nothing I tried was working (and I tried everyone’s advice). After a few weeks of talking through his behavior with Sarah and following through with her tips, my son is happier and better behaved. We even had our first meltdown-free day in months!

Even if you aren’t on the brink of your own meltdown (like I was), Sarah is a great resource to chat with. No judgement, just support and great advice on exactly what steps to take to help your child.

             - Jenny Welsh, mom of 3 and home organization coach at     

Here's what's in it for you: 

All the tools that you need to take a positive step in your parenting journey

Clearly laid out steps for you to implement with your children 

"There are parenting truths and tips you learn from older moms, from books, and by experience, that normally you don’t know until you’ve been a parent for a while. Years. As a Christian wife of 40 years, a mom of 2 grown children, and having Homeschooled my children from grades K-12, I’ve gained a lot of parenting knowledge over the years. Here in this ebook, The Positive Parenting Manual, by Sarah | The Designer Mama, you have the opportunity to gain this advice from a young mom, who is in there raising young children with you!

You’ll find practical advice, and tips that you should use and apply. You’ll be a better parent if you actually take to heart her advice and do it! Tips on How to handle tantrums and How to Foster Great Sibling Relationships are just two of the sections that are worth the price of the book.

This is an easy read. You’ll feel that you’re sitting down with Sarah, a mom like you, over a cup of tea. She mixes big-picture advice with steps you can take to handle particular problems.

This ebook is one you’ll want to read all the way through, but, then keep handy on your counter to refer back to for the advice you’ll need when dealing with specific issues.

Some of the quotes I especially liked:

“The words that we say to them become their inner voice, so we need to be thoughtful and careful with our choice of words towards our children.”

You know how you hear your mother’s voice in your head all your life? Well, your kids will, too. So, choose what you want them to be hearing you say! Repeat wisdom over and over.

And, sage advice, such as, “Your to-do list will always be there, but if you don’t get the rest that your body needs, then you won’t be at your best in your parenting, your work, or your marriage.” Print that and put it on your wall! Hard to practice, but, if you do, you will be so glad you did.

The 6 Tips under the chapter on Terrible Twos, or Threes, are excellent! Practice them throughout your toddler years and older, and you’ll be on your way to super parenting.

So, in conclusion, I have one parenting tip for you:  Get this ebook, by Sarah | The Designer Mama! The Positive Parenting Manual will be helpful to you, no matter where you are in your parenting journey.  

- Wendy Gunn of

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The Positive Parenting Manual

Inside the ebook you will find:

- How to Be a More Patient Mom

-  Terrible Twos... or Threes

- All About Siblings

-How to Have the Hard Talks

- Big Emotions in Kids

-Cleaning out the Clutter

-How to Get Your Child to Clean

- How to Get Your Child to Listen

- All About Teething 

- Self-Care

Get The Positive Parenting Manual NOW! 

The Positive Parenting Manual