17 stories of motherhood

Do you ever feel like you are going through your motherhood journey alone?

Do you wish that you had another mom or two to tell you that they have been where you are today?

M O T H E R H O O D | It’s a crazy rollercoaster ride! Plenty of ups and downs to last a lifetime! I am super excited to share with you all that I have written an ebook all about motherhood! 

Real Moms, Real Life, Real Messy is a compilation of short stories all about being a mom. There are stories written by moms from all different walks of life and there is some awesome advice in this book!    

This is for you if....

You are a mom who is looking for some encouragement

You are a mom who is looking to know that others have been there, done that

You are looking for some good reading material while you are hiding from your kids in the closet ;-)

Hi there! I'm Sarah, blogger behind The Designer Mama!

I am a Mama to 2 little girls who give me so much joy! Along with all that joy, they also push me to my limit, make me wonder how I will ever survive their independence and strong-willed nature, and love me unconditionally. 

The Designer Mama came about simply because I am passionate about connecting with other mom's out there who need support, a friend, or just a place to escape to for a few minutes to read a funny story. 

Come join me in on my motherhood journey and read all about it!


"Real Mom’s, Real Life, Real Messy is beautiful collection of heart warming stories that made me laugh and remember the joys of parenting. Sometimes I need that reminder. This book is a keeper! As a mother of two and a child care provider I can strongly relate to all of these stories. They really do help to pick you up when you are feeling defeated by the mom blues. It always helps to feel like you aren’t alone with the parenting issues that arise during the day and what’s better is you actually feel normal! With all of the things to read over and complete, take a break from your overwhelming want to do and have to do list for today and spend some me time reading this book. You won’t waste a single minute. 

             - Missy S.      

Here's what's in it for you: 

Encouragement during the trying times

A sense of community and the knowledge that you are not alone

A break from your crazy day and a good laugh, too!

"This wonderful ebook is full of great advice and full of stories and encouragement that will make you laugh or cry or smile.  As I read the stories, I nodded my head yes because I have been there done that.  I love the quote pages that you can print out and frame or put in your planner to remind yourself.  Lots of great quotes.  Sarah did a wonderful job compiling the stories and doing the quote pages.  The title says it all. The stories in here are real and messy!!  I loved all the stories.  

- Holly T.

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"Whether your a first time mom or a veteran Real Life, Real Moms, Real Messy will have you laughing, crying and nodding your head. Because lets face it, we've all been there.

-Sierra H.

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