Discover the 5 Easy Tips to Have a Clutter-Free Home in 5 Days! 

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Not too long ago, I was right there with you, sitting in a cluttered home! With two small children at home, I felt like getting the clutter out of my home was never going to happen. 

I knew there had to be a way for me to be able to de-clutter my home while caring for my babes. That is when I came up with this 5 day plan to remove the clutter from my house!

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Alina Muresan 

Sarah compiled 25 easy cleaning tips and divided them between 5 days. This is a great way to make your cleaning schedule easier to tackle and less overwhelming. You can start in any order you want, as long as you tackle one room or one space at a time. Tape this worksheet to the inside of your kitchen cabinet and checkmark each item as you complete each task. It will feel so good to checkmark all the tasks and to have a clean house at the end! 

This is a great way to stay organized and keep on top of all the cleaning tasks that are around the house!

Samantha Nunes 

Ready to get your FREE checklist sent straight to your inbox? Just click below!